A Less Irritable Life

A Less Irritable Life

Are you ready to start living a happy life with IBS?


The Low FODMAP Meal Builder (eBook)

Soon you’ll be making low FODMAP meals that are exactly the way that you like to eat, keeping your tummy happy while your taste buds smile.


Getting Started on a Low FODMAP Diet

Discover if your IBS improves without FODMAPs using this step-by-step process that gives you everything that you need to get started on a low FODMAP diet.


FODMAP Reintroductions

Discover the FODMAPs that trigger your IBS using this step-by-step process of FODMAP reintroductions, so you can expand your diet without upsetting your tummy.


Bringing the Low FODMAP Diet into Your Nutrition Practice

Continuing Professional Development for nutrition professionals who need to learn how to implement the low FODMAP diet with their clients who have IBS and 'tummy troubles'.


Low FODMAP Diet Practice Resource Kit (for nutrition professionals)

All the resources that you'll need to effortlessly take your clients through every stage of the low FODMAP diet.